Check Out These Best Music Festivals

Best Music Festivals

The sparkling lights and peaceful music is enough to make our day and relieve from stress and long week’s hardship. It is not rocket science that music has its own way to enhance mood and give you calmness to your body and mind. It is also not a new thing that music has been around to shout out the injustice that is still prevalent in society. However, many people came into light and started performing lives on stage to get rid of those thoughts and enjoy the present more like carpe diem. For this, there appeared many music festivals. If you have ever been to a music festival, you know that the calmness you attain from the festival surrounded by your tribe is all you were missing from life. Having that said, we will see some of the greatest music festivals you may have or may not have attended. Without creating any further ado, let us hit the road.

1. Fuji Rock

The first and the foremost one is none other than the great Fuji Rock. Those who don’t know, Fuji Rock is considered as the greatest music festival that is emerging from Japan. It is not only the top festival from Japan but entire Asia. The first festival was organized in the year 1997 and was under Mount Fiji. After years, for say from 1999 onwards, the music festival got a new place, which was Naeba Ski Resort. One can find a variety of genres going live in front of you like rock and electronic music. One can find many stars performing from Red Hot Chili Peppers, James Blake, SigurRos, Beck, Wilco, to Ben Harper and many more.

2. Rock in Rio

Rock in Rio

The second one to top the list is Rock in Rio. This festival is conducted between Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Lisbon, Portugal; Madrid, Spain; Las Vegas, and Nevada. However, the festival was first organized in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1985. You can find all music genres coming together live n the stage. The festival has also witnessed many stars from Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, No Doubt, Metallica, Linkin Park, to Ed Sheeran and John Legend.

3. Mawazine

The third one is none other than the great Mawazine. Those who don’t know, the music festival is popularly known as the Rhythms of the World. This is one of the greatest music festivals ever organized in the land of Africa! You can see a lot of famous faces on stage controlling the crowd with their music like Chris Brown, Iggy Azalea, Wyclef Jean, Pitbull, and Christina Aguilera.

4. Life is Beautiful Festival

Life is Beautiful Festival

The last one to top the list is the greatest Life is Beautiful Festival. If you want a blend of music, art, and food together on a platter, you must never miss a chance to attend; Life is Beautiful Festival. You will surely be surprised to see a lot of people coming together in harmony irrespective of countries.

Honorable Mention

We must give an honorable mention for the Live Events Lift Up Festival (also known as LEVL UP Fest) which was livestreamed from the Ryman theater in Nashville recently due to the Pandemic. The festival was outstanding and featured artists such as Dave Matthews, Roger Daughtry, Blake Shelton and many more. For more upcoming shows, please check the Ryman schedule.

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